Quest for Blood Collaboration

Yomituti: drums/vocal (Magane)
Nugoto: guitar/vocal (Zombie Ritual, Armenia, Magane)
Itukime: keyboard (Magane)
Freddy: vocal/erhu (Chthonic)
Jesse: guitar (Chthonic)
Doris: bass (Chthonic)
Yasufiko: vocal (Zombie Ritual, SSORC, Magane)
Tukuoni: bass/vocal (Zombie Ritual, Magane, Decapitation)
Yuda: bass/vocal (Angry Chair)
Yukihiro Isso: nohkan/shinobue/recorder/tsunobue (the head of Isso Noh school/important intangible cultural property/part-time instructor of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music)
Okina: kagurabue/vocal (SSORC)
Kuniwo: guitar/vocal (Cranks)
ego: noise (e5800)