Quest for Blood Profile

1994 Yomituti, Yasuhiko & Kunio started playing black metal as Mortes Saltantes.
Yomituti wrote all songs and played the drums.
1999 Mortes Saltantes renamed themselves Magane and released the 1st album "Mortes Saltantes".
2003 Magane released the 2nd album "Beginning at the End" and stopped playing.
Yomituti (drums), Nugoto (guitar/vocal) & Itukime (keyboard) played as Quest for Blood at Taipei with Freddy (vocal/erhu), Jesse (guitar) & Doris (bass) from Chthonic (
2004 Yomituti (drums), Yasufiko (vocal), Nugoto (guitar/vocal), Tukuoni (bass/vocal) & Itukime (keyboard) played as a temporary project Yomituti.
2005 Yomituti (drums/vocal), Nugoto (guitar/vocal), Itukime (keyboard) & Yuda (bass/vocal) played as Yukihiro Isso + Quest for Blood with Yukihiro Isso (nohkan/shinobue/recorder/tsunobue)(
2007 Yukihiro Isso (Nohkan/Shinobue/Dengakubue/Recorder/Gemshorn), Yomituti (drums/vocal), Kuniwo (guitar/vocal), Itukime (keyboard) & Yuda (bass/vocal) recorded the 1st album "Quest For Blood".

1994 Yomituti, YasuhikoとKunioがMortes Saltantesとして活動開始.
Yomitutiは全曲作曲し, drumsを演奏.
1999 Mortes Saltantesが凶音に改名し, 1st album "Mortes Saltantes"をrelease.
2003 凶音が2nd album "黄泉呪詞"をreleaseし, 活動休止.
黄泉槌 (drums), 沼琴 (guitar/vocal) と忌仕女 (keyboard) が捜血鬼として台北でChthonic ( のFreddy (vocal/二胡), Jesse (guitar), Doris (bass) と競演.
2004 黄泉槌 (drums), 鎮毘古 (vocal), 沼琴 (guitar/vocal), 月鬼 (bass/vocal), 忌仕女 (keyboard) が一時的なproject黄泉槌として演奏.
2005 黄泉槌 (drums/vocal), 沼琴 (guitar/vocal), 忌仕女 (keyboard), 幽蛇 (bass/vocal) が一噌幸弘+捜血鬼として一噌流笛方能楽師/重要無形文化財総合指定の一噌幸弘 (能管/recorder/篠笛/角笛) ( と競演.
2007 一噌幸弘 (能管/篠笛/田楽笛/recorder/gemshorn), 黄泉槌 (drums/vocal), 久仁雄 (guitar/vocal), 忌仕女 (keyboard), 幽蛇 (bass/vocal) で1st albumを録音.