The Chaos Gods

The First God appears, called "Ameno-minakanusi".

The Second God appears, called "Takami-musufi".
Soon the Goddess appears, called "Kami-musufi".
These three disappeared soon as lonely gods.
Then the fourth God called "Umasi-asikavi-fikodi" appears.
And then, the fifth God called "Ameno-tokotati" appears.
Next, the sixth God "Kunino-tokotati" appears.
And next, the seventh God "Toyokumo" appears.
But these four Gods disappeared soon as lonely gods, too.

Sooner or later, couples of Gods came one after another, as the God "Ufidini" and the Goddess "Sufidini", "Tunugufi" and "Ikugufi", "Ofotonodi" and "Ofotonove", and "Omodalu" and "Aya-kasikone".
At last, "Izanaki" and "Izanami" came.
These seventeen Gods appeared, who were being on the land "Takamanofala".
(Takamanofala is rather the heaven than the land, because it means a field of the higher.)

The birth of Islands

Izanaki and Izanami stirred the sea with the holy lance called "Ameno-nuvoko".
(You may know, the holy lance means the god's penis.)
Salt dripping from the edge of the lance piled up to be the island Onogolo.

(The salt means the god's sperm.)
The Goddess Izanami said, "I have a hole, and you have a pole, so let's join them."
So the baby named "Filuko" be born.

(Filuko means a child of leech.)
But it was a disabled baby, so was floated to the sea.

Izanaki and Izanami asked Gods in Takamanofala why such a disabled baby was born, and found that it is was wrong for a female to say first.
Then the God Izanaki said, "I have a pole, and you have a hole, so let's join them again."
So many babies were born, who became Islands.

After that Izanaki and Izanami bore many spirits like Ofo-yamatumi as spirit of mountain, Ofo-watatumi as spirit of sea, etc.
At last, Kagututi as spirit of fire was born.

So Izanami was burned in the genitals and disappeared.

Izanaki went into hysterics.
So Izanaki killed his son Kagututi with his sword.
When Kagututi died, many pieces of his cut body were reborn as spirits of swords, thunders and dragons.

The Land Yomi

After Izanami's death, her husband Izanaki wanted to see her and go through the gate of Yomi by himself.

Voice of Izanami was heard from her room, "I can't come back because I've already had dish of Yomi. But I love you so much as to discuss with the god of Yomi if I could meet you. Await please and never see me until then."

But Izanaki couldn't await and walked with a tip of fire into her room.

What he saw there is that her body was rotting, worms sounded 'krkrkr..' on her body, in her body, and eight gods of thunder was on eight parts of her body.

(The thunders may mean bad smells.)

She shouted, "You've made me ashamed!"

Then Yomotu Sikome (females like witches), Yomotu Ikusa (various monsters of Yomi) and Izanami herself attacked Izanaki.

Izanaki managed to come back from Yomi.

But Izanami cursed and said "A thousand heads a day shall be strangled to Yomic"
Izanaki answered, "Then one and half thousand babies a day shall be born on my island."

Then Izanami became Yomotu Ofo Kami (the Great Goddess of Yomi).

Later that Amatelasu, Tukuyomi, and Susanowo was born.
Amatelasu as spirit of Sun, Tukuyomi as spirit of Moon, Susanowo as spirit of Wind.
Izanaki ordered his children, "Amatelasu you govern Day area, Tukuyomi you govern Night area, and Susanowo you govern Sea area."

But Susanowo never governed.
He swept all day long and wanted to go to the Land Yomi.
Izanaki angered and said, "Susanowo, why don't you govern your land."
Susanowo said, "I would go to the Land Yomi, and meet my Mother Izanami."
So Izanaki much angered and said, "Then you must not live in this land!"

Then, Susanowo visited his sister Amatelasu to make his farewell.

But Amatelasu wondered, "My brother Susanowo never governed his area, and he may visit me to invade my area."
When Susanowo visited his sister Amatelasu, she met him with herself armored.

Amatelasu asked, "Why do you visit my area? You must invade my area."

Susanowo surprised, "No, I never imagine such a thing. I only want to say farewell, because I'll go to the Land Yomi."
Amatelasu asked, "Can you manifest it? "
Susanowo said, "Of course. Let's exchange your hair ornament and my sword, then do Ukefi."
("Ukefi" is a holy rite to prove honesty.)

First, Amatelasu snapped the sword in three, bit and spat them.
Then they changed to three sisters, who were Takili-vime, Itikisima-fime, and Takitu-fime.
Next Susanowo tore the hair ornament, bit and spat them.
Then they changed to five brothers, who were Ameno-Osifomimi, Ameno-fofi, Amatu-fikone, Ikutu-fikone, and Kumano-kusuvi.

Susanowo said, "This Ukefi means my honesty because of the brothers."
After that, Susanowo became arrogant, and did hateful things.

He laid farmland waste, sprinkled excrement on a shrine of the holy food, etc.

But Amatelasu didn't blame.
So Susanowo went on more than ever.
At last, when Susanowo excoriated a live horse from the rump, a female weaver was so surprised that she put the weaving pole into her genitals to die.

Amatelasu was surprised and angered, and hid herself in the cave, called 'Ame-no-ifayato'.
Suddenly, the world darkened.

Gods and People in the world are all feared.
(You may know, this means eclipse.)
Gods gathered around the riverside, called 'Ame-no-yasu-no-kafala', and discussed how to call back Amatelasu.
The God of wisdom named Omofikane, who is a son of the God Takami-musufi, orderd other Gods like below.
"The Goddess Isikoli-dome, please make a holy mirror."
"The God Tama-no-ya, please make holy jewels."
"The God Ame-no-koyane and the God Futotama, plese perform augury with a bone of a deer."
Then they hung the mirror and the jewels on the holy tree, and put the tree in front of Ame-no-ifayato.
The God Omofikane ordered next.
"The God Ame-no-tadikalawo (who is the God of power), please hide yourself beside Ame-no-ifayato."
(Ame-no-tadikalawo is thought as the god of SUMOH.)
"The Goddess Ame-no-uzume, please dance in front of Ame-no-ifayato."

Then Ame-no-uzume started dancing in a trance, with her breasts and genitals exposed.
All of the Gods pretended to laugh and enjoy.

In the cave, Amatelasu heard this noise and wondered.
Then she opened Ame-no-ifayato a little.
Amatelasu saw a beautiful Goddess there.
(It was a reflection of herself .)
And she found all Gods gathered and Ame-no-uzume danced in a trance.
Suddenly, Ame-no-tadikalawo caught Amatelasu by the arm, and pulled her out.

Then the world was lightened again.

After that, Gods punished Susanowo, removing his beards, pulling off all his nails.

And he was exiled from the land Takamanofala.


(The myth goes on to heroic exploits of Susanowo on the earth, and so onc)