The 1st Album "Mortes Saltantes" (1999)

1.Crawling From The Blood
さぶらひ (Tsavulafi)
いざなひ (Izanafi)
4.Into The Fire
とふらひ (Tofulafi)
6.Yo Motu Kuni
忌つ木 (Ituki)
黄泉人舞 (Yomivito ga Mafi)

Yatsufiko: vocals
Nugoto: guitars, chorus
Kuniwo: guitars
Itukime: keyboards
Ryuichi: bass
Yomituti: drums

This album was recorded in January to February 1999 at Studio Nest, produced by Kenji Kikuchi (St. Nest) and Seiji (Intestine Baalism). In this album we thoroughly quest for Yomi metal. At this time Kunituku and Miduti Changed their name to Kuniwo and Ryuichi, respectively. But to our regret, Ryuichi has left us after this recording.

'Crawling From The Blood': "With my blood I pray", and the awe is crawling from the blood. The song is a thrash/black one with awful melodies and time.
'Tsavulafi': See commentary on Demo #3.
'Izanafi': See commentary on Demo #3.
'Into The Fire': Remade from Demo #2. All lyrics are replaced by ones on the Japanese god of fire who at birth burned Izanami's cunt to death.
'Tofulafi': See commentary on Demo #3.
'Yo Motu Kuni': A bit strange tharsh. The title means Yomi but suggests the land that rules night and darkness.
'Ituki': The title means the tree of awe. Holy cherry trees request sacrifices. Hoping the tree will be in full bloom, tearing a vergin to pieces.
'Yomivito ga Mafi': This is a re-recorded song from Demo #2 and Demo #3. This is the most inportant song for us, so we will never be satisfied and will forever quest for the complete one. (See commentary on Demo #2.)

The 1st single CD-R "MAGANE ATTACK" (2001)

2.Maga tu Kaze

Yasufiko: vocals
Nugoto: guitars, chorus
Kuniwo: guitars
Itukime: keyboards
Yuda: bass
Yomituti: drums

These 2 songs were recorded in Oct. & Nov. 2000 at Shinjuku On Air & Influence Recordng, and produced by Seiji of Intestine Baalism / Influence Recording. These songs were to be released as bonus track of the re-released 1st album and as a songs on a compilation. But both took much time so we decided to self-release them as a single CD-R. Yu, the guitarist of Funeral Rites joined us and plays the bass as Yuda. At this time we changed some alphabetical spellings of ancient Japanese, so Yatsufiko changed to Yasufiko.

'Inisife': Where gods are gone, we'll call out with our blood... The song is inspired by sky and forests of Saxalin. The first half of the song is stagnant doom, and the latter is aggressive thrash.
'Maga tu Kaze': Blood coheres to wind, wind comes crooked to be the ruin. All riffs are intended to blasts of wind.