Demo #1 (1995)

1.Dawn Of The Dark
2.A Blue

Yasuhiko: vocal, keyboard
Kunio: guitars, chorus
Yuko: bass, chorus
Kenichi: drums

This demo was recorded on 21 October of 1995 at Kichijoji Penta. In this demo Kunio plays the lead and rhythm guitars, but later Masahiro joined us to play the lead guitar.
The sound of this demo was comparatively pure black metal with keyboards and soprano chorus.

'Dawn Of The Dark': The title means beginning of our black metal so it sounds pure black metal.
'A Blue': This song features soprano chorus of Yuko and is inspired by David Lynch movies.

Demo #2 "黄泉人舞 (Yomivito ga Mafi)" (1996)

1.Mourning For Time
2.A Brand Into The Fire
3.A Myth
黄泉人舞 (Yomivito ga Mafi)

鎮毘古 (Yatsufiko): vocals, keyboards
河津毘古 (Kafadufiko): guitar
國造 (Kunituku): guitar, chorus
沼琴 (Nugoto): keyboards
神荒 (Kamala): bass, chorus
黄泉槌 (Yomituti): drums, chorus

This demo was recorded in August of 1996 at Shinjuku On Air. Before recording this demo Yuko left us, so Kentaro of Funeral Rites joined us to play the bass. And just after recording this demo Kafadufiko also left us, so Nugoto who played the keyboards on 'A Myth' joined us to play the guitar.
In this demo we named ourselves with ancient Japanese, so our names changed from Yasuhiko to Yatsufiko, from Masahiro to Kafadufiko, from Kunio to Kunituku, from Kentaro to Kamala, from Kenichi to Yomituti, respectively.

'Mourning For Time': Pure black metal. On the bass that continues to play the theme of Mourning, guitars are in saltation like Time in her cage.
'A Brand Into The Fire': Thrash metal with black taste.
'A Myth': A concerto for strings.
'Yomivito ga Mafi': The title means MORTES SALTANTES in ancient Japanese, so this is the most important song for us. The lyrics are based on an anciant Japanese myth of 'Izanami', but in this song Izanami herself tears the way to Yomi. The song includes 3 sections; 'Saltation', 'Meeting Her Husband', and 'To Silence'. The 1st section is pure black metal never compromising, the 2nd section includes hail to our favorite black metal bands, and the 3rd section has our original sound. In the 3rd section the keyboards and the bass express atmosphere of Yomi, and guitars stand for Izanami's passion.

Demo #3 "Call From Yomi" (1998)

いざなひ (Izanafi)
さぶらひ (Tsavulafi)
とふらひ (Tofulafi)
黄泉人舞 (Yomivito ga Mafi) [re-recorded]

鎮毘古 (Yatsufiko): vocals
沼琴 (Nugoto): guitars, chorus
國造 (Kunituku): guitar
忌仕女 (Itukime): keyboards
碧血 (Miduti): bass
黄泉槌 (Yomituti): drums

This demo was recorded in December 1997 at Studio Nest. At this time a female keyboardist Itukime joined us and Ryuichi changed his name to Miduti. The sound of this demo is not black metal anymore, so we call this sound Yomi metal.

'Izanafi': The title means temptation (to Yomi), so we consider this song to be the temptation from black metal to Yomi metal. Melodies are mainly Gothic but partly quoted from NO and WAKA (both are old Japanese cultures).
'Tsavulafi': The title means being with (our lord). The sound is pure thrash metal somewhat influenced by NORITO (Japanese sacred words).
'Tofulafi': The title means visiting (the dead). This song is influenced by GAGAKU (Japanese traditional music), so the melodies are no longer European but this song is still heavy metal.
'Yomivito ga Mafi': This is a re-recorded song from Demo #2. The sound is much better so passion of Izanami is more clearly stood for. (See commentary on Demo #2.)

Compilation "Thrash Corps Of The Storm" (1999)

SONGS included
In Her Room

Yatsufiko: vocals, keyboards
Nugoto: guitars, chorus
Kuniwo: guitars

Ryuichi: bass
Yomituti: drums

This song was recorded before "Call From Yomi" to be included in the compilation "Pretenders To The Throne" from Embassy. But for some reasons, the song has been released later in Japan.