We shall tell you the myth on Yomi briefly.

From Heaven, a male god Izanaki and a female god Izanami came down. From them, lands and gods were given birth. Then at last bearing the god of fire, Izanami had her genitals burned to death.
After Izanami's death, her husband Izanaki wanted to see her and go through the gate (of Yomi) by himself. Voice of Izanami was heard from her room, "I can't come back because I've already had dish of Yomi. But I love you so much as to discuss with the god of Yomi if I could meet you. Await please and never see me until then."
But Izanaki couldn't await and walked with a tip of fire into her room. What he saw there is that her body was rotting, worms sounded 'krkrkr..' on her body, in her body, and eight gods of thunder was on eight parts of her body. She shouted, "You've made me ashamed!" Then Yomotu Tsikome (females like witches), Yomotu Ikutsa (various monsters of Yomi) and Izanami herself attacked Izanaki. Izanaki managed to come back from Yomi, but Izanami cursed and said "Thousand heads a day shall be strangled to Yomic" Then Izanami became Yomotu Ofo Kami (the Great Goddess of Yomi).

Updated on Jan. 8th 1999